Wanthalf's Lair


Corpus & Computational Linguistics

  • InterText - parallel text alignment editor
  • InterCorp - parallel corpora of more than 20 languages
  • SyD - corpus analysis and comparison of language variants
  • Park - parallel corpus manager, browser and query engine
  • Syslik - lexicographical framework for multilingual dictionaries based on my PhD-thesis (PDF)
  • Kachna corpus - the Kachna L1/L2 picture replication corpus of spontaneous speech: resources, LREC 2010 paper (PDF)

Nordic Languages and Literature

Electronic Publishing

  • Saga - simple web-publishing system
  • Vševěd - electronic encyklopedia for various platforms (web/WAP, mobile, SMS)
  • Klub islandských fanatiků - community web-portal of the Czech Club of friends of Iceland