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InterText server - Changelog

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Release 2.3 (2020-10-07)

  • use MySQLi for PHP7 compatibility
  • settings split into several files in the config/ directory
  • permanent login added (does it really work as expected?) - update of configuration necessary!
  • ignore changes in changelog if current element is marked as deleted and beyond that point in time (element IDs reused by the database may associate changes with wrong elements!)
  • option to export alignments (from CLI) without empty segments
  • allow text segments to be larger than 64kB


  • ensure consistency of editing when someone edits several texts at once
  • fix listing of "all" alignments of one text only and creating new alignments with no selected base version

Release 2.2 (2014-11-10)

  • support for transactions for better robustness of more complex actions (read UPDATE.txt if updating!)
  • possibility to turn off fulltext search (both transactions and fulltext search are not supported by MySQL <5.6) at the same time
  • display changelog of alignment changes if available (for supervisors)
  • updated documentation (help)

Release 2.1 (2014-05-15)

  • annoying complaints from cli/import
  • added paging in the alignment list
  • added paging in the text manager
  • added filter in textmanager
  • list all alignments of one text (all versions)
  • batch changes in alignment manager
  • (api.php) protocol version 2 - support for faster merge inquiry
  • (api.php) protocol version 2 - support for faster doc_changelist inquiry

Release 2.0.1 (2013-09-16)

  • synchronization (api.php): fix failures caused by clients sending time zone info in timestamps
  • synchronization (api.php): enforce renumbering in all cases (initially imported documents may have unique IDs but non-standard - we are always importing alignment with standard numbering)

Release 2.0 (2013-05-14)

  • new config option $MERGE_UNCONFIRMED_FREELY to ignore unconfirmed alignments when checking for merge conflicts
  • new config option $DENY_EMPTY_UPDATES to deny creative users "updating" with empty text (i.e. deleting text completely from elements)
  • new modes for supervisors; combination of manual status update with automatic rolling (paging)
  • XML validation of imported documents now optional
  • proper error reporting on invalid XML import


  • empty segments not shown when at the end of a page
  • export of alignment omits last position if there is is exactly a multiple of 200 positions
  • small fix of text upload form's behaviour on import failure

Release 2.0rc2 (no public release)


  • added filter (search) in the alignment list
  • cli/align script now supports "force" option (-f) which will delete any existing alignment before creating the new one


  • minor fixes of error messages in api.php
  • user editor forgot to switch to the user database (in lib_intertext.php)
  • blank page when jumping to unchecked segments and there are none
  • PHP now requiring default timezone to be set (should appear in settings.php!)

Release 2.0rc1 (2012-07-13)

  • Read UPDATE.txt before upgrading your current installation!


  • synchronization of texts and alignments with "InterText editor" clients
  • new state of alignment: "remote editor" - for alignments beeing worked on externally in InterText editor; the alignment is reserved for a particular remote editor (user) using InterText editor desktop application in sychronization with the server
  • added simple interface for management of users
  • ability to split and merge (parent) container elements - i.e. to insert and remove paragraph breaks
  • added new permissions and settings: $UPLOAD_MAXUSERLEVEL_CLIENT (to set the lowest level of users able of uploading new texts and alignments from InterText editor application; by default set to administrators only), $DOWNLOAD_TXTVER_MAXUSERLEVEL (to set the lowest level of users able to download text versions from the server into InterText editor in order to create new alignments; by default set to administrators only), $DOWNLOAD_TXTVER_FILTER (regular expression to match text versions (by name) which can be downloaded into InterText editor in order to create new alignments; by default all versions, i.e. '.*')
  • added "index.php" as a symbolic link to "aligner.php"
  • updated manual reflecting the new features (help)

Release 1.7.2 (2012-02-16)

  • changed files: aligner.php, header.php, css/intertext.css, help(_cs).php


  • redesigned changelog-view (hopefully more user friendly)
  • pagination using keyboard F7 and F8 keys should now finally work across various browsers
  • switch to turn on/off permanent display of all text changes in the top bar (I guess it was there since the last version, already?)
  • updated manual reflecting the new features (help)


  • permissions: it was possible to revert changes from changelog even for read-only documents
  • permissions: it seemed to be possible to edit and merge elements in a read-only document

Release 1.7.1 (2011-08-17)

  • changed files: aligner.php


  • search and bookmarks search did only work in "auto roll" modes

Release 1.7 (2011-06-27)

  • changed files: lib_intertext.php, aligner.php, css/intertext.css, cli/export, settings.php
  • (optional changes: help.php, help_cs.php)


  • added logging of all alignment changes on demand (turned off by default; add into settings.php: $LOG_ALIGN_CHANGES=true; to activate) (no interface for this changelog; no undo!)
  • added new possible option to settings.php: $FORCE_SIMPLE_NUMBERING = true; (turned off by default) which enforces single level element renumbering and (as another side effect) makes it possible to keep original ID attributes for all elements from the original document except of the alignable ones (which *must* yield to renumbering)
  • added export with long IDs based on the (original) filename (as used by the ECPC project) (settings.php & aligner.php)
  • now recursively showing history of changes for the deleted (< merged-in) elements as well


  • previously "fixed" problem with importing 0:1 or 1:0 alignments from TCA2 appeared again when reversing the imported alignments

Release 1.6.1 (2011-06-21)

  • changed files: lib_intertext.php


  • fixed the newly added check for gaps in imported alignments (it did not really work, but broke the import) (lib_intertext.php)
  • fixed problem with importing 0:1 or 1:0 alignments from TCA2, which links those to the parent element instead (lib_intertext.php)

Release 1.6 (2011-06-01)

  • changed files: lib_intertext.php, aligner.php, icons/changelog.png
  • (optional changes: help.php, help_cs.php)


  • imported alignments are checked for completeness; if there is a gap in the alignment, the import fails
  • the changed/edited elements can show their history of changes and their contents can be replaced with some previous contents (state)(un-splitting or un-merging is still not possible but manually, though!)
  • searching for changed/edited elements
  • searching both sides (versions) at the same time

Release 1.5 (2011-05-25)

  • database structure modified! (apply 'update-1.5.sql' script)
  • changed/added files: lib_intertext.php, aligner.php, cli/import, cli/align, css/intertext.css, icons/swap.png
  • (optional changes: help.php, help_cs.php, settings.php)


  • English translation of the "user guide" (help.php), the Czech text is in 'help_cs.php'
  • imported texts remember their original filenames => imported alignment can identify the texts by their original filenames and not just the internal 'text name' and 'version name'
  • swap sides/versions in alignment (for admin)
  • import with 'cli/align' in the reverse direction
  • the supervisor (responsible) is now also allowed to edit alignment all the time (settings.php)


  • searching bookmarks searched in all alignments of the given text (lib_intertext)

Release 1.4 (2010-12-07)

  • initial public release

Roadmap / TODO (may change!)

  • silent acceptance of updates from server which actually do not change anything, but cannot be applied automatically anyway

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